So, what's

It is a simple library of background sounds for achieving focus, improving personal effectiveness, and relaxation. was originally created for personal use, so we chose the most favorite and effective tools for focusing, relax, meditate, or sleep.
Surround yourself with a full palette of nature sounds, ASMR, meditations or classic music in seconds. Set up your sound environment and do your favorite thing, study or work. Also will be useful for relaxation, meditation or yoga, and to improve your sleep.

How can this help me?

Feeling the noise around you is too loud? Turn on and let yourself be immersed in the calming sounds of nature. It can be easy to feel like a fireplace is going as you sit under a cozy blanket or meditate on the deserted seashore. We know what the agony of choice is. Therefore, we tried to make this tool as simple as possible and chose only the best.

The sounds that we hear affect our inner state (you can feel it when you are trying to concentrate, and people are talking around you, or you are trying to sleep, and suddenly you hear a mosquito buzzing). creates the sound background for you personally. You can enable a suitable preset or mix and match different sounds to create your perfect sound environment.

What's the features?

We offer up to 35 background sounds, depending on the version you choose, which you can listen to separately or mix. You can also adjust the volume of an individual audio track. We also have presets - already generated compositions for a specific situation. We also have separate presets containing peculiar sounds for meditations, for mindfulness, auto-training practices, deep sleep, and ASMR section.

If you have any questions or ideas and suggestions for us - contact us and we will be happy to help!